Dream  Language - Self-Understanding through Imagery and Color
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Dream Language - Self-Understanding through Imagery and Color  
published by Innersource

foreword by David Feinstein, PhD
plus contributions from various IASD dream experts

Robert Hoss, M.S., Executive Officer and Past President International Association for the Study of Dreams, Instructor in dream studies for Paradise Valley College, Scottsdale College, Haden Institute. Author can be reached at robertjhoss@aol.com  or web site www.dreamlanguage.org

Don’t Miss The Message -
Simply Because You Don’t Understand The Language


In it’s own language, your dreaming mind brings messages from deep inside, to help you move more easily through life. By learning to speak the dream language of Color and Imagery you will discover:

• a new way to use your dreams to transform you life
• the power of dream color to reveal your hidden feelings
• the “6 magic questions” that reveal your inner beliefs & conflicts
• how the dreaming brain creates a language of its own
• how dream language is an expression of your waking life

“This unique and remarkable book has it all – from dream psychology and neuroscience, to a user-friendly, practical approach to working with the “language” of dreams.” - Stanley Krippner, PhD

“The first major work on color in dreams” - Robert Van de Castle, PhD

“An enormous contribution to the field of dream science. Connecting the changing neurobiology of the brain during sleep with the changing ‘language’ we use in our dreams is a powerful concept” - David Kahn, PhD

“For the general reader and the clinician, immensely practical and at the cutting edge, informed by the most recent neurological findings and the ancient recognition that messages from the spirit are revealed in our dreams” - David Feinstein, PhD

“Our Dream Leadership Training students rave over his rare skill to weave research and dreamwork together at a personal level” - Bob Haden, M Div, S.T.M.

This book presents a unique, simple but powerful approach for using your dreams for self- understanding and transformation. You will learn how to understand and speak the “language” of dreams using a method called Image Activation dreamwork. It is based on a unique combination of Gestalt dreamwork and the works of Jung, augmented with the latest in the biology of dreaming plus a ten year investigation into the significance of color in dreams. At the core of the approach is a scripted role-play technique called “the 6 magic questions” plus a color questionnaire. The book begins with the basics of dream science plus some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dreams and dreaming; a discussion of dream experiences including nightmares, physical factors; the effects of age from childhood on; paranormal and extraordinary dreams; and a discussion of psychological theories and approaches to working with dreams. It proposes how the latest findings in the neurobiology support the concept of a dream “language” – and discusses the implications those findings have on how best to work with your dreams. It continues with chapters on the complex personal and collective content within a dream image; working with personal content and personal mythology; working with collective content and the archetypes; and finally the research findings on color and how to work with color in your dreams (including two tables on emotional themes for triggering personal associations with color). The book concludes with a step-by-step Image Activation dreamwork procedure (with complete how-to examples) for understand your dreams in relation to your waking life, identify inner conflicts and impasses that impede your progress, and finally to use the compensating aspect of the dream to work on personal transformation. 254 pages, 12 chapters. Copyright 2005.

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