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2015 Grant Awards from the DreamScience Foundationtm

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2015 DSF/IASD Grant Awards

 The Research Grant Awards are provided as a team between the DSF and the IASD in a matching fund arrangement plus donations we receive. The pool for grant funds in 2015 was $10,750.  Thirteen excellent grant proposals were received.  Of those six were chosen as finalists and we were able to provide fundiing to the following four studies:    

1) Cloé Blanchette-Carrière, Tore Nielsen - Université de Montréal,          

“Transcranial alternating current (tAC) stimulation: a method for inducing lucid dreams and gaining control over dreams”             

 2) "Heather Ruth Spence, Katja Valli, Carlyle Smith – performed at a dolphinarium in Quintana Roo, Mexico.            

“A foundational exploration of dolphin dreaming through analysis of nocturnal phonations and other behavioral patterns”

3) Caroline L. Horton & Scott Cole     - UK; Bishop Grosseteste University, UK and York St. John University, UK.

“The future functions of dreaming: A detailed diary exploration”

 4) Wojciech Owczarski, and Monika Zólkos, - Poland; University of Gdansk

“Dreams of Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners”


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