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2014 Grant Awards from the DreamScience Foundationtm

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2014 DSF/IASD Grant Awards


The Research Grant Awards are provided as a team between the DSF and the IASD in a matching fund arrangement plus donations we receive. The pool for grant funds in 2013 was $13,700 including a special anonymous donation for lucidity research of $ 3,000 US.  Eight grant proposals were received.  Of those six were chosen as finalists and we were able to fund the following four studies:    

1) Researcher Kadia Saint-Onge, under the supervision of Tore Nielsen, at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM) Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, Department of Psychology, Université de Montréal. The grant was awarded for a study titled “Hypoassociativity and overnight memory improvement in idiopathic nightmare subjects: implication of REM sleep and dreaming.”    

2) The research team of Josie Malinowski and Caroline Horton for a study titled, "Do we dream to assimilate ‘important’ waking life experiences into our memory schemas?” This is a cooperative effort between the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of Bedfordshire (UK) and Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) 

3) The research team of Franc Paul and Dr. Michael Schredl, as a cooperation between the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim and the University of Mannheim, Germany. The grant was awarded for a study titled “The relationship between dream content and the stress system”  

4) Researcher Melanie Schädlich in cooperation with Michael Schredl and Daniel Erlacher, at the Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences, University of Heidelberg, Germany.  The grant was awarded for a study titled, “Effect of practicing a coordination task in lucid dreams – a sleep laboratory study”  

The two finalists who we were unable to fund this year were as follows: 

1) Researchers Gregory Scott Sparrow at the University of Texas-Pan American and Mark Thurston at the Center for Consciousness and Transformation, George Mason University.  A study titled "An Exploration into the Effectiveness of Meditation and Dream Reliving as a Treatment for Nightmares Associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" 

2) Researcher Sean A. Cosgrove at the University of Sydney, Australia for a study titled "The 'Dreamy Diathesis': Dreams and the Development of American Psychology"


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