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2009 Grant Awards from the DreamScience Foundationtm

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2009 Research Grant Award Winners


The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) in conjunction with the DreamScience ™ foundation (DSF) is proud to announce the following research grant award winners for 2009. There were 4 finalists out of a field of 7 received.  All were very valuable and quite excellent. Unfortunately we were only able to fund two.  Thank you to all 7 who contributed very excellent proposals in 2009, we hope your research efforts will continue.  Congratulations to these two awardees: 

1) “Dreaming style and cognitive performance: sleep and emotional information processing from a neuropsychological and quantitative EEG perspective”; $3,000 grant to the Hungarian research team of  Róbert Bódizs, PhD,  Peter Simor, MSc and  Szilvia Csóka, MSc who will be performing the study at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Cognitive Science.

2) “Dream Incorporation of Video Game Play as a Function of Immersion”; $2,000 grant to the Canadian research team of Jayne Gackenbach and Mathew Rosie who will be performing the study at Grant MacEwan College Edmonton, Alberta.

The other two finalists which we unfortunately did not have the finances this year to fund were:

“Self-consolidation in dreams: An investigation of the reminiscence bump,” by Dr Caroline Horton and Ms. Connie Svob at , Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK;  and “Exploring the Relationship between Mindfulness in Waking and Lucidity in Dreams,” Robert L. Rider, M.S., Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


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