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2008 Grant Awards from the DreamScience Foundationtm

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IASD and the DreamScienceTM foundation (DSF) is proud to announce the research grant award winners for 2008.

There were 12 proposals received, all of which were considered excellent and valuable studies. Unfortunately with the economic downturn this year we only received $3900 in donations for research (as opposed to $6000 last year). With this we were only able to fully fund one study but were able to provide small donation grants to the efforts of two others.

Thanks to all 12 who contributed very excellent proposals, and congratulations to these three. Thanks as well to the IASD Research Committee for the excellent evaluation work in making these tough selections out of so many good proposals.

1) “Emotion and Reflective Awareness in Dreaming: An Integration of Content and Process Approaches”; $2500 grant to the California research team of Tracey L. Kahan, Ph.D. and Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D. who will be performing the study at Santa Clara University.

2) “Video Game Play, Dream Bizarreness and Creativity”; Small donation grant of $900 to Canadian researcher Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D.at Grant MacEwan College Edmonton, Alberta

3) “Treating the nightmares of persons who have recently experienced trauma, loss, or traumatic loss with a toll-free voice-mail system”; Special donation grant of $500 for Trauma related research, to help to upgrade the voice system to the Canadian research team of Tore Nielsen, Ph.D., Don Kuiken, Ph.D., and Connie Svob, B.A.


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